Did you know that there is a dam being built near to Koycegiz and that it will be the 5th largest in Turkey? We explain more in our article.

In our recent news snippets article we mentioned the new dam being built near Ortaca.

Unfortunately the dam project will inundate a wonderful Selcuk bridge called the Akkopru Bridge.

But the building of the dam is an amazing project and well worth a look especially if combined with a trip to the old bridge too.

The Akkopru Dam lies 24km East of Koycegiz near the village of Bayobasi. The initial plans for the dam were created in the 1980’s but the actual construction didn’t begin until 1996 when funding and the final plans were agreed. The project is due for final completion in 2010 when the dam will hold back enough water to start to generate hydro electric power and provide irrigation water for the area.

The dam will be the 5th largest in Turkey. The dam wall will stand some 112.5 m high and will create a mass of water 24km long over an area coverage of 8.92km.

The hydro electric plant will contain two generators capable of producing 57.5 Mega Watts of power each. One will be run continuously whilst the other when additional power is needed to feed the national grid. It is estimated that the plant will produce 343 Giga Watts of power a year.

The dam is located in a 1st degree earthquake zone and the feasibility study concluded that the construction and additional weight of water would not pressure fault lines and create an earthquake. The dam has also been built to US standards to resist damage resulting from earthquakes so residents in the area below the dam ‘may’ rest easier.

One small village has been relocated as a result of the dam and you can see the remains of the buildings on the way to the Akkopru Bridge. The villagers were given the option to be rehoused in local towns but took the option of cash in hand.

The geological survey of the dam basin found one area where porous limestone was present and without some form of lining the dam waters would just seep away. Work has been completed to seal this area using huge concrete slabs.

How to get there

From Fethiye follow the main road from Ortaca towards Mulga. Once over the first hill you drop down on a fast downhill where the traffic police often sit waiting to catch speeding motorists. Take the turning to Bayobasi (right if coming from Koycegiz). This is an easy to spot junction because it is always busy with busses, lorries and people hanging around. Once through the village of Bayobasi some 5km later take the right wide dirt track with signs for Barrage.

After about 6 km turn left at the signs saying no entry (In Turkish) and follow the dirt road down to the river. The road takes you up river and eventually arrives at a concrete bridge with wooden sleepers (see picture) safe enough to take the weight of a car. If you look left at this point you will see the old Akkopru Bridge in the distance. Follow the road around to the left to get to there.

If you do make the trip make sure you print out this article and take it with you. If you get lost just flag down a local and point to the picture and follow their sign language.

PLEASE NOTE – Recent rains have caused landslides on the dirt roads so beware of difficult driving conditions and be prepared to turn around if the road is blocked.  Only embark on this journey if your vechicle is suitable for rough roads.

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