Day 3 and the final day of the 2nd Annual trip from Fethiye to see the Whirling Dervish Festival in Konya.

After breakfast this morning we had to face the awful prospect of another journey of around 650kms to get home. We also had to tackle the issue of getting the unbelievable amounts of shopping aquired the day before onto the bus! Once this was resolved we first of all set off for Kalistra. About 45 kms south of Konya it is a fascinating place to see  and is set amid outstanding scenery which was enhanced by previously fallen snow. It’s like a beautiful mini version of the more famous Cappadocia, with houses and churches carved out of a rocky plateau that looks from a distance like a set of pinnacles squashed against each other. Although the odd obvious cavern on the plateau’s exterior gives a clue as to what lies within, most of the churches and other buildings are actually concealed behind a solid wall of rock!

{mosimage}Sadly we didn’t have time to stop long but managed to get great value from our little detour by collecting copious amounts of mistletoe which, unlike England grows along the windy roadside in trees at head height. Thanks to our ever patient driver Saban we filled the bus with the stuff before heading on towards Side where we had planned to stop for lunch.
It is at this point that fate took our homeward journey in a direction that we just did not want to go as we met major roadwork’s along the way which involved a detour of around 100kms! Sadly we never got to Side but made the most of the long trip home by taking part in a men versus ladies Trivia Quiz. Of course the ladies team managed to put our male travelling companions to shame and there were no bad feelings evident when we stopped just outside Antalya for a welcome meal. It was at this point that Brian fell down a big hole. We pulled him out and dusted him off and, Dear Reader, you will be glad to know that he survived to tell the tale!
{mosimage}We arrived back in Fethiye shortly after 10.00pm. The trip was over for another year but friendships were made, others cemented and we are all looking forward to the next time. Thanks have to go to David Groom for being a brilliant fair (but VERY firm) quiz master.

Thanks also to our Turkish travelling companion Ertugrul (Bob) who spent his final 3 days of freedom before commencing his army service cooped up with crazy Yabanci (Turkish word for foreigners). And finally thanks to Saban from the Fethiye Co-Op who drove with care and consideration throughout the whole of the trip, returning us all safely and happily to Fethiye.

We look forward to the next time with great anticipation!