After a breakfast stop in ơmeli we arrive at Cibyra the largest of four cities that made up the Cybarites, a smaller version of the Lycian League.

From Üzümlü we took the ơmeli road and, after a breakfast stop in ơmeli, headed down the road signed for Gölhisar.  This started off as an asphalted single track road on which we encountered a couple of jaunty guys with a large herd of goats.  Once there we followed the brown signs for Kybera (Turkish version of Cibyra) which led us to the site – as ever on top of a hill.

We were using John Freely’s excellent ‘Western Mediterranean Coast of Turkey’ as our guide for this trip and, when Freely visited Cibyra in the mid 1990s, no excavation had ever taken place.  Cibyra was the largest of four cities that made up the Cybarites, a smaller version of the Lycian League.  Now Ak Deniz University from Antalya are in their third season of excavation, and they have already uncovered a huge stadium which is the first thing you see from the approach road.  Plod on up the hill on a very dusty track and you will enter unexcavated territory where large chunks of carved stone, many with Latin inscriptions, lie amongst the low thorny bushes.  The theatre can be seen along with other remains and the views across the valley to the distant hazy lake are spectacular.
{mosimage}When you descend to the road you will find a fountain for washing dusty feet, with the stone troughs holding the water being upturned sarcophagus lids.  This site is an easy day trip from Fethiye and, if you don’t want to take the narrow road from Gölhisar, you can go via the yayla road to Antalya and turn off on to the road signed Altınyayla in Bekciler village – that road continues beyond Altınyayla to Gölhisar; or if you really do prefer good asphalted roads, continue on the Antalya road until you see a sign for ơvdır.  Take the road to ơvdır which continues to Gölhisar and passes the lake on the way into town.  Once you reach Gölhisar just look for the large brown signs to ‘Kybera’.

And if you do go there let us know what you think and send us some photos.  Meanwhile watch this space for the next stage of our trip.