Gunluklu Bay is still open in part to the public but now shares its beauty with a new hotel called the Bay Beach Club.

Locals and frequent visitors to the Fethiye area may be aware of a couple of beauty spots just before you drop down into Yaniklar on the Dalaman Road, namely Gunluklu and Katranci. 

Both bays are ideal summer locations, as regardless of how stiflingly hot it is in town, the on shore breeze, natural shade and clear waters ensure the holidaymaker a comfortable time even under a relentless August sun.

Until last year they were both very popular camping sites for city Turks during the hot summer months. 

Gunluklu, however has undergone a transformation over the winter.

Worried about long term damage from cars, camping and barbecuing in the forest of protected Gunluk trees (liquid ambar,) camping has now been banned but part is still open to the public for day visits to the beach (a charge is made).

The other part of the land has been leased privately and a new, environmentally sympathetic, boutique hotel has been created in and around the natural landscape.

Katranci, just up the coast, remains a camper’s paradise, and is a marvel to behold with families ensconced, cheek-by-jowl mingling beneath the trees with their well equipped tents – often including fridges, pot plants, carpets, curtains and even the odd Budgie in a cage.

At the other end of the economic scale, the new Bay Beach Club on the right hand side of Gunluklu bay is top drawer luxury.


Detached, fully equipped cabins are adequately spaced around landscaped and well stocked gardens to provide a feeling of intimacy. 

From small, one bedroom/bathroom cabins, the more well-heeled can enjoy full multi-roomed suites with Jacuzzi’s and open fireplaces.

All have large flat screen TV’s, aircon, free wireless internet and nicely furnished verandas.

There is ample space to find your own bit of quiet comfort, with all manner of relaxation seating –hammocks, swing chairs, chaise-longe and sag bags as well as a large swimming pool and not forgetting the beach and sea.

The mature trees offer natural dappled shade ideal for lounging under with a nice cool drink.


There’s an on-site Pilates and dance teacher to keep your body gently in shape and the spa will open shortly, to complete the pampering experience.

Your taste buds will also be in for a treat with a wide range of meals and drinks to suit all tastes.

Even though the hotel is all inclusive there is also the opportunity to pay a bit extra and order from their a-la-carte menu.

The staff from waiters to gardeners are attentive and unobtrusive which makes a for a relaxing hassle free experience.

Yacht owners can also easily access the sheltered bay by sea and moor up at the new 16 berth jetty.


The new mooring opportunity will provide a welcome change from sometimes dodgy jetties and standard Turkish ‘meat or fish’ fare offered at the other bays in the Fethiye/Gocek area.

The Bay Beach Club is open to day visitors, as well as providing a less ‘compound feeling’ all-inclusive alternative for those seeking a longer stay. 

So Gunluklu bay now offers something for everyone.

To find out more about the hotel you can visit