Turkcell, one of the large Turkish mobile phone operators, offers its customers a really useful text service. One reader used this to great effect last weekend.

Turkcell, one of the large mobile phone operators, offers its customers a really useful text service.

If you text “NEREDE” or “NEREDEYIM” to number 7777 you will receive a text back in around 30 seconds with your GPS coordinates, Town, County and street number.

The text message also includes the distance from where you are to the nearest police station, nearest hospital and other important places including all their telephone numbers.

This text service was used to great effect recently by a few of our www.fethiyetimes.com readers.

They had gone out on a walk in the back and beyond but managed to get lost when the way marks of the trail they were following disappeared.

As the sun set and darkness descended they started to panic about being stranded in the countryside for the night with few provisions.

A call to their neighbour resulted in a call to local Jandarma who suggested they use the “NEREDE” (Where am I) service on their mobile phone so they could locate them.

They did and sent the text to the security services.

In no time at all the boys in Green came to the rescue and safely lead them to civilisation.

So, if you have a Turkcell mobile phone, make sure you save the number 7777 in your phone under the name NEREDE.

You never know one day it may save your life!

WARNING: All coordinates are approximate and, according to our tests in Fethiye, within about half a kilometre of your true position. However, outside of town where fewer mobile phone masts are located the coordinates could be many kilometres off your true position.

So, don’t rely on this service to get you rescued if you get into difficulties. Better to take a GPS and leave a route plan with someone before you set off!