£2 per month to advertise your property for rent.

Get your holiday or long term let let seen by thousands of readers every month here on our pages.

All it costs £2 to place your full page advert. Your sale will promoted via our front page for the time it takes new items to push it down the page but will always be available in the Private Sales Section. See the adverts already placed for the style and requirements.

Great value and great coverage!

To place your full page advert drop us an email sales@fethiyetimes.com with a comprehensive description of your property and up to 5 photos. (Picture sizes will be limited to our standard maximum of 200 x 200 but may be reduced in size for layout purposes)

We will lay the advert out and send it to you for approval.

When you are happy we will send you a payment request.

When payment is received we will post your advert. It will stay on-line for 30 days ot hte period you pay for if more.

Renewal is only £2 a month if you want to extend.

Great value and great coverage!