Need to know where you’re going? Check out our links to local and national maps.

Getting good maps of the area if a difficult task. If you are into walking and need detailed maps you are pretty much out of luck unless you make the trip to the Army map shop in Ankara.

Road maps are a bit better but its difficult to tell if roads are surfaced or tracks. Many maps are also inaccurate. We met a guy recently in Faralya who was trying to get on to the road to Kas. His AA map clearly showed a road going around the coast – but the road ends in Kabak – a dead end!!

So here are few links to maps that we’ve come across.

Central Fethiye Map here

Road Maps for Turkey here

Map of the Turkish Rail system here

You can also try Multimap for on-line maps. Street level detail is quite good but you’ll need to zoom in from this link. The map even shows the location of mosques in Fethiye, useful information if you choosing a hotel or place to live and don’t want to be woken early in the morning.

And, of course, Google Maps also offer a great map service here.

Happy travelling!

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