We couldn’t get to the official opening of the newly restored Council building in Patara near Kalkan, but we did head down there at the first opportunity so we can tell you all about it. And it didn’t disappoint.

Entry fee to the site is now 5TL for a one-day ticket, or you can pay 7.50TL for a ticket valid for a week which is great if you are staying nearby on holiday amd want to vist the beach every day too.

Patara is a great place to visit on a holiday to Kalkan and Fethiye

As you can see from the above image, the restoration has actually been funded by the Turkish Parliament no doubt keen to be associated with the ‘world’s first democratic government building’.

Also outside are a whole row of inscribed stones, including one naming the members of the League, but most of them recording bequests made to the League by prominent citizens on their death.

You can see the row of stones here, along with a view of the guard who now resides in the entrance to the building, and hands you a brochure.

There is also a book about the excavation of Patara written by Professor Fahri Işık, who has been in charge of the excavations at Patara since 1988.

When we visited they had sold out of the English version, and the guard said that there had been a noticeable increase in visitors, in the week since the official opening of the Council building.

We visited on a Sunday late afternoon and it was very quiet.

By the way the ‘big find’ at Patara is the Temple of Apollo, which was home to a famous oracle recorded in ancient texts. The temple has yet to be discovered.

Next time we’ll take you inside the building.