Over the years we have written many articles about Istanbul (and shall no doubt produce more in the future) so it is good to see the BBC agree with us.


Currently on their website they are running a travel article entitled ‘Six Best Cities in the World to Get Lost In’ – and Istanbul is featured as you can see:



There are (at least) two great things about getting out of the tourist centre in Istanbul. One – the hotels and hard-sell rug merchants fall away, replaced by local tea shops, parks and houses. Two – the city’s rollercoaster hills reward you with Bosphorus views and toned-up legs. Get lost every day and see your fitness soar!

Get found: If you want to get back to the tourist area, stop for a glass of tea and ask the way to Sultanahmet. Soothe your tired muscles in one of the city’s spectacular bath houses.’

See the article here.

We totally agree except we would have ended by saying:

‘Get found: Jump in a taxi to Sultan Ahmet’ as one of our favourite things about Istanbul is cheap taxis.’