If you enjoy antiques, bric-a-brac and all things funky there is an area of Istanbul that you will love – Çukurcuma.

To get to it the easy way turn down the side of Galatasaray Lise which you can’t miss – see the photo.

Galatasaray Lise

The famous gates to the Lise lie more or less half way along Istiklal Caddesi whether you start from Taksim or the other end at Tünel.  Walk down the street on the right as you face the gates and at first you’ll see small clothing and jewellery shops – where the owner makes most if not all of the goods on display. 


Turn left at the end of the high stone wall which forms one side of this street and you are now in Çukurcuma proper home to art galleries, antiques dealers and junk shops.

Sinks galore

We love the shop that specializes in old marble and stone sinks and troughs but have yet to find a way to transport any of them to Fethiye.  Don’t despair as there are plenty of other shops selling smaller items and you may just find the bargain of a lifetime.


And don’t worry about getting lost.  When you’ve had enough of the delights of Çukurcuma , just stop a taxi and get yourself taken back to Taksim, or even all the way to your hotel.  Taxis are cheap in Istanbul so you can afford to get lost!