Yes readers we are back in Istanbul which now has a matter of weeks left before its European Capital of Culture year comes to an end. Clearly the funding which came along with the title has been widely used.

You’ll see posters like the one in the photo all over the city announcing building renovation, exhibitions, arts and cultural events – there is even a comprehensive monthly guide in Turkish and English available free at all museums, tourist information offices and most hotels.

So if you are going to be in Istanbul before the end of this year be sure to get hold of a copy and make good use of it.

Most exhibitions and performances are free entry.

And they even came up with a novel way to advertise the capital of culture status with a series of huge plywood panels in a rainbow of colours attached to what is otherwise a crumbling concrete multi-storey car park in Karaköy.

In fact New Year’s Eve could be the best time to be in Istanbul this year as the authorities are sure to end their Cultural Capital Year with a bang – think serious firework displays over the Bosphorus.

In the meantime we’ll be telling you more about Istanbul so keep logging on.