We returned to the ancient site of Sagalassos recently and found some great progress to the ongoing excavations, that the free guides are still available and, as we see in this article, the signage has imporved too.

As ever Sagalassos would seem to be leading the way in terms of explanation and signage.

Our photo below shows a new addition since our last visit, a very informative display in three languages that explains all you need to know about the site.

The man in the baseball cap on the top row is Prof. Marc Waelkens who has led excavations here since they began in 1990. His work, and the numerous reports he has produced over the years, have led to him receiving several major academic awards.

So if you have not visited Sagalassos start planning your trip.

If it is a couple of years since you were last there the time is ripe for a revisit.

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Where is Sagalassos?

Is near the village of Aglasun off the main Antalya – Burdur road. See the map below.