We returned to the ancient site of Sagalassos recently and found some great progress to the ongoing excavations and that the free guides are still available.

It is now several years since we last went to Sagalassos, the site in the mountains above Antalya, which has been excavated since 1990 by a team from the University of Leuven in Belgium, led by Prof. Dr. Marc Waelkens.

They have a really good website, in English, which you’ll find at www.sagalassos.be.

On our previous visit we were bowled over by the volunteer guides who come from Belgium each year and deliver free tours of the site, plus we were amazed by the reconstruction work on the Nymphaeum.

Well the guides are still doing their bit (although they were due to start a couple of days after our visit so we didn’t benefit this time), and the Nymphaeum is completed.

The water gushes out of the centre and fills a large trough below before draining away – and it is all done by gravity as originally designed.

Here’s a close up of the water.

There has been great progress with the excavations all around the site which is well worth visiting. Especially at this time of year when you get expert guiding for free.

You can see our original reports stating in our article here Sagalassos & Burdur Part 1

Where is Sagalassos?

Is near the village of Aglasun off the main Antalya – Burdur road. See the map below.