We’ve written about major historic sites all over Turkey and in neighbouring countries of Syria and Georgia but, apart from one article on Cadianda, we have never published anything specifically about Lycia. Which is odd because we live in the middle of it.

So throughout 2011 we intend to tell you about the ancient land of Lycia and visit as many of the sites as we can. You can contribute too by mailing in any Lycia-related photos you may have and eventually we’ll put them in a gallery.

Source material for the articles comes from:


Western Mediterranean Coast of Turkey by John Freely

Lycia by Cevdet Bayburtoğlu.

So let’s start with the geography. Although the borders of Lycia varied over time, Fethiye was always embedded in the region as Lycia always centred on the Teke peninsula, which is the wide bulge in the map lying between Fethiye Bay and Antalya. Our map shows the names of Lycian settlements some of which should be familiar to readers.

So keep logging on to learn more about Lycia.