We summarise our series showing the growth and decline of the empire.

If you have stayed with the series on the sultans you now know all about the thirty-six sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire and the final caliph who, for a mere two years, hung on as a ceremonial reminder of the Empire’s lost glory.

Those of us who studied ‘O’ level history will remember the Empire in its latter days being described as ‘the sick man of Europe’.  But for centuries it was a dynamic force and the information below gives a useful overview of its rise and ultimate decline – thanks to Wikipedia for this information.

Sultans of the Ottoman Empire

Growth (1453–1683)

Mehmet II – Beyazit II – Selim I – Süleyman I – Selim II – Murat III – Mehmed III – Ahmet I – Mustafa I – Osman II – Murat IV – Ibrahim I – Mehmet IV

Stagnation (1683–1827)

Süleyman II – Ahmet II – Mustafa II – Ahmet III – Mahmut I – Osman III – Mustafa III – Abdül Hamit I – Selim III – Mustafa IV – Mahmut II

Decline (1828–1908)

Abdül Mecit I – Abdül Aziz – Murat V – Abdül Hamit II

Dissolution (1908–1923)

Mehmet V Reşat – Mehmet VI Vahidettin

Fethiye Times has other series planned – watch this space – but if there is any aspect of Turkish history you’d like to know more about, or any particular historical figures, send us an e-mail and we’ll do the research.  Also we would like to hear readers’ opinions on our sultans’ series – did anyone out there read them all?