We begin a new section on www.fethiyetimes.com today all about eating out and we begin with a small restaurant tucked away on one of the back streets of Fethiye.

We begin a new section on www.fethiyetimes.com today all about eating out.

We aim to bring you an unbiased review (yes we pay for our own meals) of various eateries in the area based on our experiences.

We do have to say that the review will be based on just one visit so bear in mind that your experience, should you visit any of the establishments, could be very different.

Ok, so on to our first place.

Name: Mosaic Bache

Location: Downtown Fethiye

Amid the plethora of restaurant choices in Fethiye it is always nice to hear of something a little different.

So we were delighted to discover a new enterprise tucked well within the centre of town which is starting to attract a steady following of folks who want to enjoy good quality food that represents the regional cooking of Eastern Turkey.

The restaurant is owned and run by English speaking Dogan Eraslan who welcomed us personally.

He hails from Hatay and is very proud of the culinary heritage of that area.

The four hungry diners who sat down that evening were very impressed with the menu.

Each dish is accurately represented with a mouth watering photograph which saves the uninitiated from having to wrestle with pronunciation or ask what comes on the plate!

We wanted it all but after much deliberation were happy to settle for a mixed meze – one portion easily enough for 2 people given that it is served with delicious homemade bread.

It easily stretched to 4 however, as the other dishes that were brought to the table with steady regularity meant that there was not the expected formality of starters and main courses.

We also had a mixed salad to share between us and chose Manti (Turkish ravioli dressed with a beautiful garlic yoghurt), Mucver (courgette fritters) Isli Kofte (mince meat encased in couscous and deep fried) chicken kebab (exceptional) and Kagit kebab (meat cooked in paper).

Dogan and his team specialise in regional breads and each day brings a new surprise.

They also have a small selection of desserts if you have the room – we didn’t – and found ourselves more than satisfied with our food and our experience.

The place isn’t licenced, but as with all things in Turkey, where there is a will there is a way and we didn’t have to sacrifice our favourite beverage to enjoy our meal.

The Mosaic Bahce serves all day – this is a place where you can pop in for a snack or have a culinary feast with your table groaning with food served by cheerful staff at an affordable price. The ‘paper’ kebab, for example, was just 7 TL.

There is nothing nicer than to sit in the shady garden with a cool drink on the hot summer days that Fethiye is apt to deliver.

Do be warned that the home made lemonade is a hit and miss affair and can be horribly sweet but the homemade ayran is a real winner and surprisingly thirst quenching.

Apart from Dogan himself, the staff do not speak much English but make up for it with friendly service and enthusiasm.

Conclusion: It’s a small, fledgling enterprise which is a delightful experience; our only concern being that the low price policy will jeopardise the long term possibilities of this delightful little eatery.

Date of visit: Friday 10 July – evening

Setting: modest back street garden overhung with trees
Type of Food – Eastern Turkish Specialities – a little spicier than the local offerings but beautifully balanced flavours

Other diners: a lovely mix of locals with their families, Turkish visitors to the area and enlightened foreigners

Ambiance: relaxed, casual, unhurried

Service: A little erratic but willing and polite

Total bill for 4 (including 5 alcoholic drinks and tip) 60 TL – 15 TL per head (£6.00)

How to get there: With your back to the PTT (Post Office) walk up the road facing you that leads to the Bazaarand fish market.  Then turn right down the first pedestrian walk way. The Mosaic Bahce is nestled on the left hand side nicely away from passing traffic in between the main through road and the Fish Market. It is actually directly behind the Fethiye Rent-a-Car offices.

Telephone – 0252 614 4653

Dinner Times: Mosaic Bahce, Fethiye