Our anonymous gastro-seeker checks out what Kas has to offer..

I spent some time in Kas last week and, knowing that so many of our readers  head there for the regular visa run I decided to re-aquaint myself with a super little restaurant that I first discovered in 2004…

Kas is a lovely little town with plenty of history and pleasant shopping opportunities.

It is a world away from the mass tourism centres that typify this beautiful coastline and is well worth getting to know.

The Haciosmanoglu family have been long established in Kas and in 2004 they moved from the anonymity of a small back street location to a more appealing setting overlooking the beautiful harbour.

Bi Lokma is set amongst shady trees in a terraced garden location – it is pretty and unpresuming yet draws a vibrant crowd in the evening that brings it alive with happy chatter and tinkling laughter.

Standing the test of time

It is a testament to the quality of food, value for money and general ambience that Bi Lokma is thriving 5 years on.

Also know as Mamma’s Kitchen, the name alone gives some hint as to why the restaurant is so successful – Mamma’s Pastry!

The restaurant is run by a delightful young lady called Banu, she is ably supported by her mother and aunt who freshly make the dishes on offer.

Most notable is Mamma’s Pastry – primarily it’s a form of borek, but bigger with a soft outer coating that will satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

The vegetarian version is stuffed with mushrooms and the meat version is exactly what it says on the can, stuffed with a tasty meat mixture and served simply with sliced tomatoes and cucumber.

The whole deal comes to 9tl.

I ordered a mixed salad to accompany mine and was overwhelmed with a kaleidoscope of colourful crisp salad vegetables in a portion that was big enough for 2 to share with some left over.

There are 4 salad options on the menu all at 5tl and very substantial.

Knowing that it was freshly home made, my dining partner decided to try the Manti – 8.50tl, made by Banu’s aunt, which also comes in a meat option or filled with cheese and spinach – tiny pieces of Turkish ravioli served bathed in a light yoghurt sauce mildly enhanced with garlic and then dressed with a light pepper oil.

I tried some.

I couldn’t resist – it was ambrosial and a world away from the commercial stuff served elsewhere.

The menu is generally simple, offering up the usual options of soup (3tl) and mezes (6tl) as well as a modest range of main courses offering chicken, beef and lamb dishes including meatballs (10tl), Mousaka (9tl) and fish (17tl).

And this is the secret of this successful little restaurant which needs no review to build up trade.

Despite its pretty location, looking out towards the Greek Island of Meis and it’s offering of fresh tasty food served with a smile, the prices are reasonable.

All in all a lovely dining experience on a balmy summer evening.

Bi Lokma is also licenced and a quick look at the prices showed restraint here as well.

A bottle of Angora 25tl and wine by the glass was 7tl; Beer 4.50tl and Raki 7tl.

It was nice to see half bottles of wine available aswell.

The restaurant is open all year and serves village breakfast (12.50tl) from 8.30 am onwards.

Food is available all day (it’s quiet in the daytime) but if you intend to go in the evenings during the peak summer period, call ahead first, folks were being politely turned away when I ate there.

Date of visit: Tuesday 28 July – evening

Setting: garden terrace overlooking Kas harbour

Type of Food – Simple, uncluttered Turkish/Mediterranean

Other diners – Cosmopolitan mix of holiday visitors to the area including Turks

Ambiance: relaxed, casual, happy

Service: Very good despite the restaurant being full

Total bill for 2 (including ½ bottle of wine and tip) 35tl

How to find it

With your back to the sea on the Kas harbour front, a road rises to the right. Bi Lokma is about 50 yards up this road on the left hand side and is accessed by a flight of steep stone steps.

Tel: (0242) 836 3942