It is now even easier to travel between Fethiye and Antalya airport using intercity busses and a new city council public transport service.

Antalya International Airport offers year round flights between the UK and Turkey and offers more flight destinations within Turkey than Dalaman International Airport, our nearest airport.

Getting to and from the international and domestic terminals at Antalya airport used to be limited and was tied up by taxi companies, private transfers and the Havas bus services.

But now travellers have the option to complete the whole journey on public transport following the introduction of a new airport bus service operated by the city Council.

So how can one travel between Fethiye and Antalya Airport?

Fethiye to Antalya Bus Station

The leg between Fethiye to Antalya is serviced by regular bus services.

Small air conditioned coaches carry out the bulk of the journeys with the larger inter city coaches making only a few key journeys a day.

The small coaches leave Fethiye bus station every half hour during the day. There are two routes to Antalya. One is known as the ‘Yayla’ route often shown on the bus as ‘short way’. The other is ‘Sahilden’ or seaside that goes via Kas And Kalkan.

Both services terminate at the Antalya Bus Station, or Otogar in Turkish. The ‘short way’ route takes between three and three and a half hours. The seaside route takes significantly longer so make sure you choose the right journey to avoid delays!

The larger and more comfortable inter city coaches complete with in seat TV and internet connection also ply the route en-route to and from other destinations. Check out their times at the Fethiye bus station.

A one way ticket costs from 20 TL if booked in advance (April 2012). The price is the same for the small or larger coaches.

Antalya Bus Station to Antalya International Airport

Once at the bus station there are two, or three options to get to the airport if the tram is included.

1. Taxi – from 45 TL.

The journey takes around half an hour on average depending on the traffic volumes. Price quoted is the day rate. Rates can be double that over night.

2. Bus service number 600 – 1.75TL per person (yes, that’s all).

Antalya Municipality operates a half hourly bus service between the bus station and Terminal 1 at Antalya domestic and international terminals (started Feb 2012). The journey takes around 50 minutes depending on traffic volumes. The services leave on the hour and half hour between 6am and 11pm. The service replaces the old Havas shuttle service that cost 10TL.

The service runs a defined route through the town as follows:

– Bus station – Antalya Otogar

– University Hospital

– 100.Yıl Street

– Mevlana

– Meydan (tram terminus)

– Airport – Domestic and International Terminal 1

After midnight a reduced service operate:

From Antalya Otogar to Antalya Airport 23:00 00:20 02:30 04:30 starting day service at 06:00

From Antalya Airport to Antalya Otogar at 00:45, 01:45 and 03:45 starting day service at 06:00.

It is not clear if the 600 service will drop passengers at Terminal 2. That terminal is some 2 km away from the domestic terminal/international terminal 1 so it more than a casual walk to transfer between the two. If in doubt ask the driver. If the drop is not possible then take an 8TL taxi ride between the two terminals.

3. Antalya Tram

There is also another but indirect option that is to take the new tram service. You will need to exit the bus station and cross over the road to the tram terminal and then transfer at Maydan where the tram terminates to the 600 bus service. So, unless you are keen to travel on the tram there is no other benefit as you will need to get on the 600 to complete your journey in any case.


  1. Please can you advise me what the times are I cannot seem to open the link that everyone keeps referring people onto. The times that the bus leave Antalya and arrives in Fethiye? Thanks

  2. I’m guessing that you need to get a bus or taxi from the airport to the Antalya Otogar (main bus station) from there you can get a bus to Fethiye. We’re trying it this December 2017

    • Hello Brian

      Yes, there is a Havaş bus that runs regularly from Antalya airport to the Antalya otogar from where you can catch a bus to a Fethiye.