A innovative website Transferwithme.com run in conjunction with our friends over at Kalkan Turkish Local News received some amazing coverage last week when it was reviewed by ‘Click’ the BBC Worldwide TV technology programme.

The website TransferWithMe.com launched early last summer. It brought a local idea, sharing the cost of your airport transfer by introducing you to fellow travellers on the same journey, into an online, free, secure and easy to use system.

An interesting idea we thought when we at www.fethiyetimes.com first promoted the service in early summer 2011.

Well it turns out that the BBC ‘Click’ TV programme makers also found the site interesting and they reviewed it as part of their weekly edition last week.

You can see the programme at this link. Or, if you are reading this article this week, it will follow the BBC News from time to time.

More about the site can also be found below.

Sharing the journey, means sharing the cost

That gives you more money to spend when you arrive at your destination.

The website makes it easy for you to find somebody to share your transfer.

Whats more, they do it for free!

Your Details are Secured

It’s safe to use to.

Through carefully designed security features, the site will help you to find fellow travellers, without having to broadcast your movements to the world, on the internet.

Cyber criminals trawl the internet for personal information, so you need to take care when talking about your travel arrangements, on social networking sites and forums.

TransferWithMe.com provides you with the first safe and secure alternative.

Three Quick Steps

TransferWithMe.com helps you quickly find other people to share your airport transfers with just 3 quick and easy steps.

Step1 – Register on the site.

Step 2 – Enter your journey details. Our database searches for matches. If we find any, we tell you instantly.

Step 3 – Use our secure messaging service, to contact the other traveller(s), and finalise the details.

To take a tour of the service click the link here to be taken to TransferWithMe.com

This service is run in conjunction with the trusted Kalkan Turkish Local News site which is why we are promoting it to our readers.