A great day drip from Fethiye and for a trip ‘abroad’, the small sleepy town on the nearby Greek Island of Meis has a few things to offer beyond it’s picturesque harbour front.

Day Trip from Fethiye – The Greek Island of Meis (Kastellorizo)

The island of Meis lies a few kilometres off the Turkish coast and is just a 25 minute ferry journey away from Kaş,

Day Trip from Fethiye to Meis or Katellorizo - copyright A Hargreaves

The clock tower – copyright A Hargreaves


There are two small museums in the town (closed on Mondays) and entrance is free. The Kastellorizo museum is located just below the castle.

The other museum is located in the preserved mosque at the entrance to the harbour.

Both museums offer an interesting insight into the trials and tribulations that have plagued the island during the last century as well as costumes and photo’s of how life was like over the years.

The Castle

Instantly visible as you approach the harbour, the remains of the castle are worth a stroll around, particularly for the views over the harbours on both sides.

The Old Church

Explore a little further back into the town and you’ll find the nineteenth Church of St George.

It’s not open to the public (it may be structurally unsafe) but from the outside with its flaking paint and old bell tower it is totally charming.

Day Trip from Fethiye to Meis or Katellorizo - copyright A Hargreaves
The church on Meis or Katellorizo – copyright A Hargreaves

A nice peaceful stop for a coffee and a muse on your day trip from Fethiye.

Greek Lunch

There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants tucked away, and on a sunny day there is nothing better than whiling away an hour or two over lunch while watching the comings and going of tourists and locals alike especially when sat around the harbourside.

Retail Therapy

Of course, you should also allow enough time to get in a bit of shopping.

There are a couple of small grocery shops on the harbour side selling food and drink but be aware of import restrictions for some items.

There are also a few souvenir shops and a market place.

Day Trip from Fethiye to Meis or Katellorizo - copyright A Hargreaves
A street sign in the town of Meis or Katellorizo – copyright A Hargreaves

Splash the Cash

The strength of Sterling against the Euro at the moment makes a trip to Greece very economical. There is a branch of the National Bank of Greece on the harbour front with an ATM, so if you haven’t got any Euros or just need some more you can get them at this machine.

Duty Free

An added bonus on your day trip from Fethiye is that you can also buy some duty free’s.

The duty free shop opens 1 hour before the boat departs and has a small but varied range of alcohol, tobacco, perfumes, chocolates and electrical items for sale.

You will be asked for your name when you buy and your name will be ticked off the passenger manifest.

Speaking Greek

Good morning – Kalimera [kah-lee-MEHR-rah]

Good afternoon / evening – Kalispera [kah-lees-PEH-rah]

Good night – Kalinikta [kah-lee-NEEK-tah]

Goodbye – kherete [KHE-reh-tay]

Hello – Yassou [YAH-sue]

How are you? Ti kanis? [tee-KAH-nis]

Well / good – Poli kala [po-LEE kah-LAH]

Thank you – Efkharisto [eff-kah-rees-TOH]

You’re welcome / please – [Parakalo pah-rah-kah-LOH]

Sorry – Signomi [seegh-NO-mee]

Yes – Ne [neh]

No – Ohi [OH-hee]

What’s your name? – Pos se lene? [POHS seh LEH-neh]

My name is… – Me lene… meh [LEH-neh…]

Do you speak English? – Milas Anglika? [mee-LAHS Ang-lee-KAH?]

I don’t understand – Den Katalaveno [then’ kah-tah-lag-VEH-no]

Can you help me? Borite na me? [boh-REE-teh nah]

For further help with your Greek click here.

Day Trip from Fethiye to Meis or Katellorizo - copyright A Hargreaves
The View Over to Turkey – copyright A Hargreaves

Your Gateway to Greece

Meis is a port of entry to Greece so if you fancy a bit of Greek Island hopping this is a good a place as any to start.

There is a regular ferry service between the Island and Rhodes with fares starting form around 20 Euro one way.

Once on Rhodes you can travel on to other destinations or return via another route to Turkey e.g. Rhodes to Fethiye or Rhodes to Marmaris (seasonal).

You can also fly to Rhodes from the small airport.

Enquire at the travel agent on the harbourside for more information.

Getting There and Back

Day trips boats are run from Kas Monday to Friday.

You could consider a longer stay on the island as there are also a number of hotels and pansions on the Island.

For a day trip from Fethiye to Meis or Katellorizo you will need to first get to Kas. You can take the regular bus service from Fethiye (takes around 2 and a half hours), organise a private transfer or drive yourself.

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    Does anyone know if there is more than one ferry from Kas to Meiss per day (we are staying overnight) or alternatively is it possible to get a private boat/ water taxi?