Many festivals and events take place in Turkey over the year and it’s disappointing to read about a festival that has already happened, especially if it’s one that you would have liked to have gone to.

Here’s a selection of Spring festivals taking place in Turkey in April and May…

International Orange Blossom Carnival – Adana (5-8 April)

It's Festival Time!

The Orange Blossom Carnival is an annual celebration held every April in Adana. It’s inspired by the blossom scent that fills the orange tree-lined streets during early April. While some of the carnival celebrations are organized, large-scale events, others are simply spontaneous street celebrations.

Alacatı Herb Festival – İzmir (5-8 April)

It's Festival Time!

The 9th Alaçatı Herb Festival takes place every year in April and aims to promote nature-friendly methods in gastronomy and natural nutrition through the introduction of the area’s many herb varieties. Traditional ingredients and cooking techniques are celebrated during a time when the region-specific herbs bloom.

This is the only festival in Turkey that dedicates itself purely to herbs and vegetables so if you’re a herb enthusiast, this one is for you.

10th Morel Mushroom Festival – Yeşilüzümlü, Muğla (6-8 April)

It's Festival Time!

23 kilometres up the mountain from Fethiye lies the sleepy village of Yeşilüzümlü. Every year Yeşilüzümlü holds a festival to celebrate the relatively rare and extremely delicious Morel mushroom.

It's Festival Time!

The festivities include a host of events; the morel mushroom hunt, drums event, activities for children, photo exhibition, marbling and painting exhibition, local food competition, a series of live music concerts and plenty of opportunities to sample the morel mushroom.

4th Antalya Science Festival (12-15 April)

It's Festival Time!

The festival, which is in its fourth year, is designed to take technology and science enthusiasts on a journey through robotic exhibitions and workshops, biodiversity exhibits, dinosaur exhibitions and much more.

This years event will be held at the ANFAS Expo Center in Antalya.

Floral Fest Istanbul (4 – 6 May)

It's Festival Time!

Floral Fest, a place where you can spend time in the lap of nature whilst being in the heart of one of the busiest and most exciting cities in the world.

The flower festival, which is being held for the second time this year, will take place in Küçükçiftlik Park and will include a wide range of displays and exhibitions bringing nature and creativity together.

It's Festival Time!

Hıdırellez Festival – Edirne (5-6 May)

Undoubtedly, Edirne is one of the most colourful and enthusiastic places of spring.

t's Festival Time!

On the first day of the Hıdırellez and Kakava festivals held on May 5th – 6th every year, dancers in colourful clothing jump over the Kakava bonfire for good health and colourful processions take place through the town.

It's Festival Time!