A few weeks ago the Fethiye Municipality published a book called Wild Flowers in Fethiye. A leading Turkish botanist wrote the detailed information. This complements the wonderful photographs taken by two of Fethiye’s best known photographers. This guide is a very useful reference book.

Wild flowers in Fethiye: a book for all seasons
Wild flowers in Fethiye: a book for all seasons and reasons

It is also an essential companion for nature lovers; indeed, anyone who enjoys exploring the region.

Wild flowers in Fethiye: a book for all seasons
Agrostemma githago – Corn cockle*

What’s more, proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards funding university scholarships for local students.

Fethiye’s wonderful wild flowers

Wild flowers in Fethiye: a book for all seasons
Lavandula stoechas – Lavender*

With the publishing of this book, the Fethiye Municipality has come up with a new and imaginative way, not only to help local students but also to provide information for people exploring the region.

The book, which is in both Turkish and English, is beautifully presented and would look good on any bookcase or coffee table. But is its main role is as a practical guide that makes it come into its own. Every page of the book contains detailed information about wild flowers in the region, accompanied by many high-quality, exquisite photographs from across the region.

The book covers a range of different locations and climates, including: Kayaköy, Kemer, Karacaören, Çaldağı, Babadağ, Ölüdeniz and Girdev.

A combination of talents

Professor Galip Akaydın, from Ankara’s Hacittepe University, wrote the text, while Faruk Akbaş and Rifat Özdemir, who both live in Fethiye, took the photographs.

Rifat Özdemir explained why the book is so important for Fethiye: “Tourism that focuses only on history, sea, sun and sand, is no longer enough for Fethiye. New concepts have been introduced, such as trekking and jeep safaris. But there is one idea that interests us most: botanic tours… As a result we decided to create a book on the rich flora of the Fethiye region.” He continued to explain that, after they decided to write the book, they spoke with Fethiye’s Deputy Mayor, Mehmet Yılmaz Cesur, who gave support to the project. Following this, said Özdemir, “Faruk Akbaş, Professor Galip Akaydın and I started working on it. We had a wonderful time and have many amazing memories.”

Readers of the book will see that Ozdemir even has a flower named after him.

A labour of love

At the book launch, six weeks ago, the Fethiye Mayor, Behçet Saatçı, told the media: “So much hard work, determination, and initiative has gone into every page of the book. For example, I learned from Rifat Bey that Babadağ alone is home to 50 endemic plant species.” We agree with the mayor’s words and we’re sure you will too. It is a remarkable and praiseworthy effort, and one that shows the region at its best.

How and where to buy the book

Wild flowers in Fethiye: a book for all seasons
The photo on the left shows a beautiful Strawberry Tree – Arbutus andrachne, while on the righthand side is a photo of the Girdev Highland pastures. 

A hardback book, Wild Flowers in Fethiye costs 50 TL. Proceeds from the sales of the book will go towards funding university scholarships for local students.

Visit FETAV – Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, 48870 Fethiye/Muğla Province – (weekdays 9am-6pm)

FETAV is next to this tomb in the centre of town.

FETAV is next to this Lycian tomb

Or visit the Fethiye Evi Shop (at the side of the FBKM – Fethiye Cultural centre) which is open all week and at the weekends too.


  • The flower photos in this post, together with the headline photo, were kindly provided by Faruk Akbaş but do not appear in the book.