Wish upon a star this festive period in and around Fethiye.

The Geminid meteor shower is one of Decembers most impressive celestial events for us earthlings.

The clear and calm skies of Fethiye and area offer one of the best places to see the star bursts.

The Geminids travel at a relatively slower speed than other meteors such as the Persieds so burn brighter than most other meteors – creating long, glowing arcs of colours.

This year looks set to be a good one as there will be no moon and therefore a perfect black backdrop for the light show.

The best dates to watch will be when the shower reaches its peak on 13 and 14 December, when there will be no Moon.

But there’s no need to wait till then.

The meteors are appearing already from 4 until 17 December from sunset until around 2am.

So there’s plenty of opportunity to wish upon a shooting star this festive period in Fethiye.