The Turkish seaside town of Fethiye is a haven for fisher folk of all types, shapes and sizes and there’s always a fishy tale to find when you walk along the Fethiye promenade.

Images of Fethiye - Fishing Boat at Night
Images of Fethiye – Fishing Boat at Night

Fethiye promenade is home to many who make their living on or live off what the sea has to offer.

An amble along the promenade morning or afternoon is a great way to see what’s going on and have a chat along the way.

We wiled away an hour or so on a recent sunny afternoon, stopping to watch, chat and take in the atmosphere.

Turtle Action

Starting near the ancient theatre you can often see the fishermen cleaning their nets after a nights trawling.

They pull small morsels of fish from the nets and throw them into the water.

When they land turtles will often been seen rising out of the water to feed on the fishy delights.

loggerhead sea turtle

Hang around and you may see more than one turtle tussle to take the food.

Get closer to the water and you may also be able to take a nice picture too.

Fethiye Promenade Catch of the Day

As we wandered further down Fethiye promenade we stopped to chat to a group of fishermen who were displaying their catch of the day.

The fresh fish were gleaming in the sun and had just been landed caught that morning.

Fish promenade Nov 15

No scales just buy as seen, after haggling of course.

We chatted for a while then wished them well and walked on.

A Ship Called Dignity

Next we came across a sunken Gulet.

The poor boat has sprung a leak and sits on the shallows on its side.

Listing Gulet Fethiye promenade

No dignity there.

But a little further on and you will find a boat called Dignity!


Traditional Boats

The next section of the Fethiye promenade is where the other small wooden fishing boats tie up.

Here you can take a closer look at these traditional fishing boats and watch the fishermen and women prepare or repair their boats and equipment.

Traditional fishing boats fethiye

The traditional wooden boats are ideally suited to the local waters and working practices that are still mostly manual albeit with the odd electric winch to help pull in the nets.

Here we found a fisherman sat in one of the benches tying up his lines for the next trip out.

He was tying his trace lines with hooks at regular intervals on one continuous trace.

We asked how long it was and he said 2km.

Fishing trace

Now that’s one long line to bait, trail and pull in with its catch.

Top Cat

This next couple of fisher folk had just pulled in their small fish trap, cleared it of its contents and were baiting it.

The gentleman said he uses the fish trap to provide food for his cat.

Old ginger seemed quite content with that days catch as we watched him tucking into the tiddlers with a purr.

Ginger cat and fish - catch of the day

Pelican West

A little further down and we found a couple of fishing naturals.

Rıfkı and Cennet the Pelicans had come on to the promenade to be fed by the owner of the Pelikan Restaurant (That’s the Turkish spelling of Pelican).

The couple gave us a show, clacking their bills and prodding the owner for more food before heading back onto the water.

Something's fishy: Pelican pair take up residence in Fethiye

Find Your Own Fethiye Promenade Fishy Tales

Next time you are in Fethiye take a stroll down the Fethiye promenade and see what fishy tales you can find.