Murat Tüzer, Hasan Cansız and Onur Ertaş, owners of the Sky Sports paragliding company in Ölüdeniz, recently decided to help street animals in Fethiye, by donating two flights as a funding raising opportunity for two Fethiye based charities, Animal Aid and Animal Care in Üzümlü.

Sky Sports

Rising to the challenge

Two young women, Jodie Hodgson and Fiona Watson, accepted the challenge and have already raised an impressive £750 while nervously waiting for 10am on July 23rd when their big day arrives. By the time they stand on top of the 1,969 metre Babadağ with their tandem pilots, ready to go, they hope to have raised at least a thousand pounds [More than 4,000TL].

Neither Jodie (36) nor Fiona (34) have paraglided before and their apprehension is palpable. While for some adrenaline sports are opportunities not to be missed, these two obviously prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground. But both love animals (between them they have 38 cats and six dogs) and they really want to do something to help the Fethiye-based charities. In addition to all her pets Jodie also has a four-year-old daughter. Now it seems their imminent adventure has captured their imaginations and, nervous as they are, raising money for animals is driving them towards their ultimate goal.

Flying from Babadağ
Flying from Babadağ

Taking to the sky for animals

Jodie explained why they decided to take up the Sky Sports offer:

We are raising money for Animal Aid and Animal Care in Üzümlü and have already raised £750. We want to make it at least a thousand by the time we head to the top of Babdağ. People are so amazing at donating money for these causes…. and now we are asking everyone please, please help. We have never done anything like this before and must admit to being nervous, we’re not people who normally do this kind of thing, but think it is a great way to raise money for the street animals.

Fiona continued, saying,

It would be so wonderful if everyone donated something, anything, even if it’s just a £1. Sky sports have done their bit by giving us two free flights, so now it’s over to animal lovers everywhere: Please help us! There are sponsor forms in the local vet’ Serkan’s surgery, Abracadabra, Fez bar and Flares bar in Hisarönü. We have been spreading the word all over Facebook and have set up a PayPal account so people can donate easily wherever they are.

Nicolet Plukker-Tüzer, speaking on behalf of Sky Sports, explained why the company had made this generous donation.

It’s because we think Animal Aid does very important work looking after the street animals in the Fethiye area and contributing two flights provides the charity with an exciting and different way to raise money to help look after them. We will look after these two just like we do with all our customers. Even though they are nervous now, I’m sure when it comes to the day, they will enjoy themselves and at the same time raise some serious money for our local street animals.

To sponsor this intrepid pair visit this Paypal Account 

Animal Aid

Animal Aid is a charity whose mission is primarily to improve the welfare of street animals in the Fethiye and surrounding area.

Animal Aid began when Andy and Pauline Trent, together with Terrie and Simon Harrison started raising funds for looking after local street animals by selling a small amount of their own bric a brac and unwanted items at the local car boot sale. Since then Animal Aid has expanded and developed into a successful charitable organisation (operating under the umbrella of FETAV in Fethiye) with over 50 volunteers and foster-carers. Animal Aid actively supports a neuter and return programme and also provide a rescue service for street animals with veterinary care, after care and fostering where necessary. Animal Aid supplies food and medication for the council run shelter in Çatalarik, although they are not affiliated with them.

Animal Aid constantly needs your support to help rescue, treat and re-home many animals that would otherwise have faced a very different fate.

For more information visit the Animal Aid website.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports, has a proven safety record from day one, which they credit to their staff, professionally maintained and certified equipment and company procedures. Their professional pilots fly four times a day, every day, taking people from everywhere in the world, of all ages, on this uniquely amazing adventure.

Each passenger is briefed and issued with a helmet and a flying suit and all pilots carry complete reserve and communication systems. Furthermore, weather conditions are carefully assessed before you take to the sky.

For more information visit the Sky-Sports website.