This ‘Top Five‘ series is proving to be a great way of sharing our love of Fethiye and reminding our readers what an interesting, genuine, quirky Turkish town it is.

This week we are sharing our favourite photo opportunities. Fethiye has an abundance of photogenic scenery, characterful people and unique places; all perfect for capturing some remarkable shots. So, whether you’re a consummate professional, or enthusiastic amateurs like us, it’s well worth visiting some or all of these places.

Even beginners needn’t be nervous! As long as you remember to take the lens cap off, and have a steady hand, it’s virtually certain that you’ll end up with a bunch of shots to be proud of.

It’s all in the timing!

Choose the best time of day: some places are perfect early in the morning, others in the evening when the sun is going down and the shadows are longer.

Kayaköy: It's worth getting up early...
Kayaköy: It’s worth getting up early…

As always, our top five are in no particular order and could include so many other equally beautiful, interesting places. As a result you may have other ideas, so please feel free to share your favourite photo locations with us and our readers.


Watching the sun go down on Babadağı
Watching the sun go down from Babadağı

You can drive to the top of this (nearly) 2,000 metres mountain if you’re brave enough, go paragliding from Ölüdeniz (a must), or get a dolmuş to the top. For more information for the last option visit We recommend late afternoon, and especially the time around sunset.


Before the sun comes up...
Before the sun comes up…

Early morning – around sunrise – maybe too early for some but it’s well worth the effort. If you’re not an early riser try the late afternoon when the shadows are longer. If you’re looking for a complete experience, start from the far side of the valley overlooking the old town. Wander around the ruins and find some amazing angles and perspectives. If you are staying in the valley it’s easy to get there. If you have your own transport it’s simple too but if you’re depending on public transport go for a taxi or dolmuş, unless you’re into long walks.

And as the sun goes down...
And as the sun goes down…

Çalış beach sunset

We love Çalış at sunset. The views over the sea from the beach bars are awesome. There are buses, plenty of parking for private cars and too many bars to count while you wait for the perfect shot.

The best place for sunsets!
The best place for sunsets!

Gemiler Island

This little gem is a must if you love land and seascape photography.

The coast from Gemiler Island
The coast from Gemiler Island

A few hundred metres off the popular Gemile Beach, it can be accessed by road to the beach but then you’ll have to organise a boat. Wear walking shoes and as with all walks during the summer months, take water. Please note that there is a ticket office (8TL) and it open between 9am -8pm.

Fethiye town

Colourful and characterful Fethiye
Colourful and characterful Fethiye

The boat yard, markets, Paspatur and the older districts along the hillside, all offer a multitude of atmospheric shots.

Most people are happy to have their photos taken but always ask first...
Most people are happy to have their photos taken but always ask first…

If you want to photograph a person, especially close up, please be respectful and ask their permission first. The same applies to work spaces. More often than not they will say yes.

Fethiye boat yard is full of opportunities but ask permission if you want to wander - it's a working area.
Fethiye boat yard is full of opportunities but ask permission if you want to wander off the road – it’s a working area.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Gemiler beach
Gemiler beach