There is a wonderful exhibition of hand painted Ottoman style ceramics at the Fethiye Culture Centre gallery this week.

FBKM - sergi


If you are in Fethiye do go along and have a look; we highly recommended a visit.

The show is called ‘Benim Adım: TOPRAK’, which translates as ‘My name is Earth’.

The skill of artist, Fahri Çetinkaya, is something to behold: each exhibit contains its own intricate, miniature world.

Through each delicate brushstroke Çetinkaya not only reveals his own mastery of this historic technique but also the refined splendour of this centuries old, incredibly rich part of Turkey’s Ottoman heritage.

Each exquisite piece tells a story

mn1 lale-vazo

image1 mn2

Some examples of the exhibits at FBKM

The exhibition is open every day from to 5pm – approximately. It finishes on Friday 31st October. Admission is free.

Fethiye’s Culture Centre is the large blue roofed building shown here: