GO-DO: This sci-fi shock flick will have you on the edge of your seat one minute and working out the plot the next. A MUST-SEE

Tom cruise, Emily Blunt and Bill Paxman are a few of the stars in the sci-fi shock flick meets World war meets Groundhog Day epic The Edge of Tomorrow.

Tom Cruise is a smooth talking, cool and suave PR officer who is helping to win the propaganda war to rid Europe of an alien force that came to earth by chance via a meteor.

Edge of Tomorrow

The film opens with Cruise playing Major William Cage flying over London in a helicopter and landing right by Nelsons Column to be met by an attractive female soldier in high heels no less

But his life changes dramatically when he meets the General who tells him he will be going into battle to film the whole event. Cage is a coward and tries to talk and walk his way out until he is arrested, stunned and wakes up at Heathrow airport, a forward operating base, stripped of his pips and labeled a deserter. Paxman, playing his commanding officer, tells Cage they will be fighting the aliens tomorrow!

With D-day remembered only last week it was interesting to see the director choose the beaches of France for the location of the main assault on the aliens forces. The troops land and then all hell breaks loose in a massive action scene. Emily Blunt playing Rita Vrataski suddenly appears like a female gladiator complete with sword, Cage pauses. But she is killed and then cruise dies; the audience is stunned.


Then what follows is just non stop edge of the seat action and intrigue as Cage wakes up alive each time he is killed to re-run the whole day again. It’s like a game of snakes and ladders and an adventure game rolled into one as Cage and Vrataski work together to work out the way to defeat the enemy forces.

The film never misses a beat and Cruise and Blunt are convincing and effective in both parts. Cruise also manages fit in a motorbike scene into the film of him riding through the London streets and having a pint in a pub!

The British and Australian actors sprinkled through the film playing the dog soldiers also provide a refreshing change and bring some strong characters to the minor roles.

Top Marks

This is one of the best action films of 2014 so far and well worth seeing and we give it a big:

4.5 / 5

Screening in Fethiye Now

We watched the film at the Hyall cinema in Fethiye  7 June 2014. The film was presented in its original language with Turkish subtitles.

Ticket price 11 TL – (Equivalent to 3.15 GBP / 5.30 USD)

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