Zero accidents are the target for the 2014 Oludeniz – Babadag Mountain paragliding season as the authorities ramp up their safety procedures for tandem pilots.

Oludeniz is famed for its wonderful paragliding with the spectacular and unique mountain to beach flight.

The 1,900 meter jump from the top of the imposing Babadag Mountain to the beach at Becekiz is exhilarating; just ask anyone who has tried it.

Fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and azure sea below make it a real must do activity for anyone going on holiday to Fethiye, Hisaronu or Oludeniz.

Oludeniz is also a centre for the global paragliding community.

Oludeniz Paragliding Aiming for Zero Accidents

The popular holiday activity of paragliding could be even safer in 2014 as the authorities introduce aviation training and checks for all tandem paragliding pilots – those who carry a passenger – operating from the Babadag Mountain above Oludeniz, Turkey.

The Turkish Aeronautical Association will be sending an expert in early May from their Eskisehir aviation training centre to inspect and audit equipment and procedures at the Babadag jump site to ensure safety standards are being adhered to.

They will also offer training to all paragliding pilots in safety and other procedures to ensure the highest safety standards can be achieved.

Since 2013 tandem paragliding pilots are required to be licensed and to hold a pilot certificate.

Those licensed pilots are also restricted to making just 5 flights a day to prevent accidents caused by pilot fatigue.

Alcohol checks are performed at the launch sites to prevent drink flyers.

Building on Safety Success

The 2013 saw a welcome reduction in paragliding incidents – injuries and crashes – with 19 incidents and one death during the year.

18 of the incidents involved solo pilots and many of those incidents were reported in

In 2012 there were 25 incidents, all of them involving solo pilots and none resulting in loss of life.

The reduction in incidents is attributed to new safety measures implemented for 2013.

So now it could be even safer to take part in this unique Turkish holiday adventure.

Paragliders over Oludeniz Turkey
Paragliders over Oludeniz Turkey