The Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Istuzu Beach near Dalyan has been fitting tracking devices to turtles they release back into the wild and the results they have received back have been suprising.


To date the Rehabilitation Centre has fitted tracking devices to 13 turtles prior to releasing them back into the sea.


Of the 13, four are still sending out signals.

The four turtles still being tracked are in the waters off Syria, Tunisia and one in Fethiye, with the final one still in Dalyan.

The latter’s device started transmitting on 1st October 2011 and the animal has never left the Dalyan area.

The Professor in charge of the project said the Dalyan turtle was no doubt used to being fed locally prior to its stay in the Centre, hence it just carried on hanging around when released.

The same applies to its colleague in Fethiye, where we know local fishermen feed turtles daily.

This week three more turtles with tracking devices were released, and we await news of their movements.


  1. Will the delegates to this prestigious conference be made aware of the potential danger to the Iztuzu beach turtle sanctuary by developers.