On this Saturday, 11th October from 11am – 4pm, colourful bunting will adorn the old meydan in Kaya Village, which will be full of stalls brimming with locally made crafts and produce, ready for the biannual Taste of Fethiye fair.

The organisers say that this year there will be about fifty stalls selling a wide variety of locally made crafts and produce.

Selling local, handmade crafts and produce
Selling local, handmade crafts and produce

Celebrating Fethiye’s cuisine

This year a cookery competition has been added to Taste of Fethiye’s craft fair, making it an even more exciting prospect than in previous years and certainly a feast for all the senses.

Taste of Fethiye Craft and Food Fair
Taste of Fethiye Craft and Food Fair

Testing Fethiye’s culinary talents

The timing of the event ensures that cooks entering the competition will be able to take full advantage of the Fethiye region’s abundant fruit and vegetable harvest, providing some delicious fresh ingredients for their baking, deserts and traditional dishes. The entrants will bring their culinary efforts to the fair where they will be judged by members of Chef Mavi, Fethiye’s Professional Chefs Association; so no pressure then!

Gold medals for the winners

Yaprak sarma - stuffed vine leaves
Yaprak sarma – stuffed vine leaves

Everyone who enters the competition will get a special certificate and there will be Gold Medals for winners of all three categories.

The Taste of Fethiye Craft and Food Fair is being supported by Fethiye Municipality’s Fethiye Evi, FETAV and The Travel Foundation.

If you want to enter the competition there’s still time

The clock is running for Fethiye’s cooking enthusiasts but if you think you have the skills and want to join the competition please contact FETAV on 0252 612 33 66.