Gaziantep is an ancient and historical city in the deep south of Turkey.

On the crossroads of many civilizations and cultures, it’s no surprise that region’s cuisine has many influences and is mouthwateringly delicious.

The city has thousands of shops and restaurants selling the most delicious food.

Fortunately, as some enterprising families from the region live in Fethiye, this truly wonderful food is being served right in the centre of town.

Pistachio gaziantep
Pistachios growing in Gaziantep

A gastronomic centre

Gaziantep has a rich agricultural tradition and with irrigation from the Euphrates and fertile soil, it is the centre of pistachio production and important for olives and vineyards too.

The most important hub of industrial scale farming in the GAP region of Turkey, its wealth of ingredients has given the city a well-deserved reputation for its food.

As well as sweetmeats, like baklava, it is also justifiably famous for kebabs, köfte (meatballs) and lahmacun – a kind of spicy lamb based pizza.

On Fethiye’s doorstep

In Fethiye we are fortunate enough to have two particularly excellent establishments specialising the food of Gaziantep right in the centre of town.


One of these sells seriously good, freshly made, baklava and ice cream both of which are delivered on a regular basis.

A taste of Gaziantep in Fethiye

A celebration of baklava and ice cream

Gaziantep Ulaşlıoğlu Baklavaları is a celebration of baklava and ice cream, two important aspects of the region’s culture.

The interior is decorated with wonderful leather shoes and sandals (çarıklar) and tinned copper trays, pots and plates.

These objects add to the sense of actually being in Turkey’s deep south, made even more by the fact that it’s only a few doors away from Paşa Kebap.

Authentic Gaziantep recipes


A taste of Gaziantep in Fethiye

All the chefs at Paşa Kebap are from Gaziantep. According to the owner, Bülent, it’s the only way to ensure that the city’s cuisine stays traditional.

The menu is diverse, taking full advantage of Fethiye’s delicious fresh produce, while using authentic recipes.

This popular restaurant has tables on the street, making it ideal for eating and watching town life on summer evenings.

A taste of Gaziantep in Fethiye


Gaziantep Ulaşlıoğlu Baklavaları: Çarşı Caddesi No. 46 Fethiye

Paşa Kebap: Çarşı Caddesi No. 42, Fethiye