While sailing from Rhodes back to Fethiye last week, Fethiye Times reader, Mustafa Şıkman, who also happens to the town’s British Honorary Consul, was amazed and delighted to spot a whale.

The film he recorded using his smartphone is amazing!

Whales on Fethiye’s doorstep

During the FR9 (Fethiye – Rhodes Regatta), a Mediterranean Whale was spotted four miles from Cape Kurdoglu on the way from Rhodes to Fethiye.

You can see where it is from the map below but also from our headline photo (it’s the land was behind Kızıl Ada).


Ten school friends from İzmir College started the regatta.

They use it as an opportunity to travel around the South West coast of Turkey and the Greek Islands.

a whale in fethiye

The gulf of Fethiye has a range of marine visitors ranging from Mediterranean Monk seals to sea turtles and dolphins.

If you are lucky enough to spot any of these creatures do take photos (and send them to us too) but please don’t feed them or try to touch them.