Never short of ideas when it comes to looking after our furry and feathered friends, and creating an unusual tableau for the town, this week there is another feather in the cap for officials at Fethiye Municipality.

Concerned by the recent cold weather and its affect on wildlife a team from the Parks and Gardens Department have created cosy bird houses in ten trees throughout the town where passing birds will not only be able to shelter again the cold, they will also find food and water.

Five star accommodation for Fethiye'!s feathered friends
Five star accommodation for Fethiye’!s feathered friends

Flying colours

Staff at the Parks and Gardens department are taking their responsibilities for nature and wildlife very seriously this winter.

They are providing the birds with multi-storey five star luxury, accessorised with everything from shelter to bathing areas, that they have designed and made themselves.

Fethiye’s new Bird Houses provide top-flight accommodation

Oat cuisine

If this weren’t enough the staff are also preparing food for the birds; mixing corn, wheat, flax and other grains for the imaginative bird feeders.

The al fresco restaurant
The al fresco restaurant

An act of kindness

Ozan Ozer, who works for the the municipality as a landscape architect, told the local press that:

All the work relating to the bird feeders was made by the staff of the Parks and Gardens Department. These multi-storey birdhouses will provide a winter home for our feathered friends. We will also make sure they have enough food and water. Now they have three different areas. A bathing area… a living area and a feeding area.”

en suite bird bath
en suite bird bath

Fowl play?

The birds will no doubt be very happy, as will bird watchers

If you live in or have visited Fethiye recently, and have been fortunate enough to see any of these Bird Houses, please write and tell us what you think, where they are…..or even Tweet and  send your photographs too.