If you have ever visited or happen to live in Çalış, you know the beauty of the beach and its stunning sunsets.

Sadly though, especially following the winter storms, there is also a lot of rubbish and litter scattered along the shore.

members of the clean up team!
some members of the clean up team!

With this in mind, my wife Dee and I organised a community clean-up on January 31st.

A multinational turnout

We were really pleased with the turnout. Over twenty people came along to help; Turkish, British and Russian all working together.

The litter we collected was a mixture of plastic, metal and glass. Some items were sharp or otherwise dangerous, and if left behind could easily have caused an injury.

In the end we filled more than ten large black sacks full of rubbish, which was mostly recyclable materials.

A stretch in time…

At midday, Dee led a free Yoga session in the traditional nomadic tent at Yörük Çadırı & Müzesi Restaurant (the usual venue for her regular classes).


The yoga was a delightful way to stretch our tired muscles and give thanks for a wonderful morning.

Thanks to everyone who came along and helped and also to Çalış Tourism & Promotion Association (Çalış Turizm ve Tanıtma Derneği), who provided us with lots of rubbish bags and latex gloves.

Would you like to join us?

It was so successful that we fully intend to make it a regular and even bigger event. If you are interested in joining us next time, then please find us using the links below and we will be sure to keep you updated.




Leave Nothing But Footprints

Thank you

Leave nothing but footprints…

Wondering who Anthony is?

Well, he’s an actor from the UK, working under the stage name Gerard Cooke.

He’s been living in Fethiye since 2014, he founded Mediterranean Theatre in Fethiye a couple of years ago with the aim of producing professional theatre in South Turkey.

Anthony - aka Gerard Cooke
Anthony – aka – Gerard


  1. so good to see caring people giving their time, caring about the place they live in. wish the uk had more of em. steve ramsden.