You don’t have to be an eco warrior or hardened survivalist to enjoy the versatile and easy to fuel BioLite campstove.

It uses free fuel, it generates electricity, it boils water, cooks food, it’s tough and it looks great too.

Carbon Neutral Biomass Fuelled BioLite Campstove

Unlike a traditional BBQ that can only cook for a limited time this baby is easy to fuel, produces a reliable and controllable temperature to cook on and produces only a small amount of ash as a by-product.

Not only that a by product of that heat is electricity. Free electricity that can be used via its universal USB socket can charge your phone, power a light or charge up your iPod.

In our previous article or we showed how easy the BioLite campstove was to set up, fuel and cook a lovely selection of food.

BioLite Campstove from Zero to 100 in 11 Minutes

In this video we look at how quickly we can boil a litre of water in the Biolites campstove stylish kettle.

It took just 11 and 50 odd seconds minutes to boil the water from the ambient temperature which is fast compared with some cookers out there.

In fact had we used a standard gas bistro type hob we doubt it would have boiled our kettle because of the strong breeze that was blowing when we tested would have blown the heat away.

We also attempted to charge our completely exhausted iPhone 5 from the BioLite USB socket but unfortunately it couldn’t charge the phone in the same time (them iPhone 5s take a fair bit of juice).

But not to worry, we will be trying that again in a future article.

In the meantime watch our amazing BioLite boil a litre of water in 11 minutes the video below.

Biolite – 0-100 in 11 minutes! from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

Up Next

In the next article we will look at the off-grid electricity generating facility and test how long it takes to charge an iPhone.

Introduction Article

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