Fuel of any kind is expensive and although the winter is Fethiye is fortunately brief, we do get cold snaps from time to time.

Here are a few ideas for staying cosy without the chilling thought of huge bills.

There’s no such thing as cold weather…

Yes, the rejoinder to old chestnut is very true at this time of year; there is no such thing as cold weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Our ideas may not be the most elegant but they work a treat at keeping out the winter chills. Aways wear slippers, and if they aren’t doing the job invest in a pair of ‘Ugg’ style boots just for indoors. Wearing layers of clothes helps too.

Have a party!

Inviting friends round helps… body heat is guaranteed to raise the temperature. Hot, warming food helps too, like soups, casseroles.

Cook your way to warm

Cooking helps to take the chill off a kitchen and when you’ve finished, turn off the oven and leave the door open.

Here are some more ideas to keep your home warm and lower the risk of losing the warmth once you’ve got it; after all you are paying for it.

Cosy curtains

Use thick curtains, ready made quilts, kilims or even blankets that cover not only the windows but external walls too; especially those built from solid concrete. And remember to open the curtains when the sun is out and keep them closed when it’s dark and cold outside. A thick curtain over front doors a droughty internal doors helps too.

Fans can keep you warm

Many properties in Fethiye have high ceilings that a great in the summer for keeping cool, as warm air rises. So, if you have heating and a ceiling fan, keeping the fan on low with the blade direction reversed (moving clockwise) will gently bring the warm air back down.

Bubble-wrap your bathroom and kitchen windows

Although you may have double-glazing, heat will still escape through your windows and sometimes curtains are not appropriate or possible. This is because glass isn’t a very good insulator. Nevertheless, there’s an easy way to fix problem; slap on a layer of bubble wrap. The little pockets of air act like miniature buffer zones that keep heat from escaping through the glass. It’s relatively cheap, too and available in Fethiye.

Just cut out pieces to fit your windows and use a spray bottle full of water to apply a light mist to the window and slap it on! The water creates a seal that effectively holds the bubble wrap against your window. If it does fall off, just spray again and reapply.

DIY draught excluders

Drafts coming from outside your house are one thing, but drafts between rooms can be just as troublesome. You can save a lot of money by selectively heating certain sections of your house, so cutting down on air movement indoors is equally important. There are plenty of ways to do this, so rather than spending a bunch of money and an entire afternoon installing door bottom seals, you can combat inter-room drafts on the cheap with some pipe insulation. This stuff is extremely inexpensive and comes in various thicknesses, so make sure you get a size that’ll fit snugly under your door.

Electric blankets

Are you struggling to keep warm this winter?

An electric blanket is a great winter warmer but did you know you can also use it to keep you warm in another way?

Here is our very popular story about how to an electric blanket for more than heating your bed.