Once the heat of summer has passed and the autumn rain has moistened the parched soil, a new crop of flowers and fruit spring into life. Yes, sometimes it has to rain, even in hot, sunny Fethiye. How else could it be so green?

Looking out across to Kayaköy from the Babadağ road... Green isn't it?
Looking out across to Kayaköy from the Babadağ road… Green isn’t it?

Here are some photos, taken just recently in Kayaköy (thanks to İbo Yüksel), and elsewhere in and around Fethiye during October, taken by us over the years.

These all remind us all that in order for Fethiye to remain so green we have to have some rain from from time to time.

As far as nature is concerned, Gene Kelly got it right at the moment, if you listen carefully, you can hear the countryside coming to life again – and it’s singing.

Weather warning

On a more serious note… sometimes the skies open big time. Late Wednesday afternoon we received a message from the Muğla authorities about a serious weather warning for today, THURSDAY. They say torrential rain is expected with a risk of flooding in the following areas: Bodrum, Marmaris, Köyceğiz, Ortaca, Dalaman, Fethiye and Seydikemer.

Make sure to follow our storm checklist.