The month of February in Fethiye always brings all kinds of weather and this year is no exception. Sometimes we get different kinds of weather all in one day.

We have had rainy weather like this to keep Fethiye green and beautiful…

And weather like this… to make everyone happy. All in the space of a week.

It’s not that surprising as it’s winter but even so, it has produced some wonderful panoramas.

weird weather in Fethiye

There’s been rain, cloud, sunshine and more rain.

weird weather in Fethiye

It looks as if the temperatures, like the weather, will continue to be varied.

But who cares when you have sunsets in Fethiye like this?

weird weather in Fethiye

And this…

Fethiye Sunset on 8th February by Dilek Dinçer

And afternoons in Ölüdeniz  like that…

February in Fethiye: different weather everyday and all of it awesome
A beautiful February day on Ölüdeniz beach by Aisha Ali

The best thing to do is relax and enjoy it!

Many thanks to Dilek Dinçer for her amazing Fethiye sunset photo, Lyn Ward for her rainy day photo and Aisha Ali for her Ölüdeniz photo – which was taken at this time a couple of years ago but we’re pleased to say we’re having sunny days like this in February 2017 too.


  1. Cant wait to come back in september its paradise we have been coming out to calis for ten years what an amazing place with equally amazing people