This is a post from the same time of year that we posted in 2014.

It clearly shows that the rather unsettled weather and rain we experienced earlier this week is something that has happened before…

But come rain or shine, you can guarantee that the temperatures are beginning to climb.

By the end of this week in Fethiye temperatures are forecast to be in the mid 30s – and rising, so start slapping on that sunblock and head for the beach!

weather forecast

Back in 2014 this is what we wrote

The strange weather for the time of year is to continue as more thunderstorms and heavy rain/hail is forecast to sweep over the area this afternoon and into the weekend.

Fethiye awoke to clear skies and rising temperatures today.

Visitors to the Fethiye Farmers Market this morning were licking ice lollies and enjoying the sunshine.

But their trusty brollies will be out later as more cloud and rain is expected to arrive this afternoon.

A weather front is expected to form over a large area from Fethiye to Kas, Antalya and up to Denizli this afternoon, on Saturday and again into Sunday bringing with it cloud, rain and wind.

It is forecast to be windy on Sunday and for that to continue through into the middle of next week keeping temperatures in the mid 20’s.

More rain is forecast further inland right into the middle of next week too.

Strange Fethiye Weather Week

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