Fethiye Council and local environmental organisations have joined together to recycle used cooking oil in a campaign titled “You give us 5L of used oil, we’ll give you 1L of fresh sunflower oil.”

For the past six years Fethiye Council has been collecting used oil from businesses around the town to prevent it going into drainage systems or, even worse, being dumped in the countryside.

Last week the Council’s Environmental Officers, along with representatives from local voluntary environmental organisations, held a press conference on the Kordon to announce a new campaign within the on-going used oil collection project.

They now calculate they are collecting 95% of oil used by businesses in the town, and want to replicate that success with domestic users.

Hence the campaign “You give us 5L of used oil, we’ll give you 1L of fresh sunflower oil’.

You can even have a free container in which to pour used oil until you reach the required 5L.

Pop into the Belediye (Fethiye Council) offices over the downtown Migros, or ask at the TEMA stand on the Kordon, for more information.

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