Do your bit to minimise your impact on the environment..


The ‘rag and bone’ man is still very much a feature of town life. Some scour the bins and streets for metal, paper wood, in fact anything that they can sell on for a few Kurus whilst others run lorries and announce via their PA system that they want your valuable waste and will even pay you for it! So, keep your tins, cans, glass, old electrical goods and pass them to these guys either for cash or as a donation.

There is also an opportunity to recycle glass in Fethiye by taking bottles to the bottle banks. They are situated around the town and one is located next to Migros on the new pavement.

Also, remember that Efes beer in 500ml bottles inlcude a refundable deposit.  Take your rinsed out empties back to the shop and you’ll get 15 kurus back on each.  In Migros you will need to speak to the customer service desk.