If you recently received a leaflet through your door with a recycling logo on it, it’s all about this project.

Unfortunately the leaflet hasn’t been produced in English but Fethiye Times has translated the main message so you know what’s happening.  Along with the leaflet you should have received a blue rubbish bag which is to be filled with the following items:

Paper & Cardboard: newspapers, magazines, paper-based packaging, cardboard drink cartons, paper bags, old notebooks or printed books, etc.

Plastics: water and soft drink bottles, cooking oil bottles, shampoo or liquid soap bottles, any old plastic goods ( e.g. washing up bowls, storage boxes), yoghurt and margarine boxes, large plastic jerry cans, etc.

Glass: whether coloured or transparent can include water and soft drink bottles, jars from jams or preserves, old drinking glasses, etc.

Metal: drink cans, oil tins, any other tins from foodstuffs and any old metal kitchen utensils, etc.

On the front of the leaflet someone should have written the day(s) of the week and the time that the recycling lorry will be in your area so you can put the blue bag out for collection.  Fethiye Times’ leaflet had days but no times.  However, as the information will be written in Turkish, here are the days of the week which may help if you don’t know them already:

Pazartesi  –  Monday
Salı         –  Tuesday
ơrşamba –  Wednesday
Perşembe  – Thursday
Cuma       –  Friday
Cumatesi  –  Saturday
Pazar       –  Sunday

It’s highly unlikely that they will work on the weekends but we thought we’d list all the days while we were at it.

When you have filled the initial blue bag and handed it over to the recycling lorry we presume they will give you another blue bag – the leaflet does not state how you get further blue bags so, if anyone reading this can solve the mystery, please e-mail and let us know.

In fact we’d be interested in any readers’ comments/reports of the project which does seem to be a step in the right direction, albeit a small one.