British tourists visiting popular Turkish holiday resorts in 2014 will stiil be able to enter the country by buying a sticker visa but they will pay more and are being encouraged to buy an e-visa as the Turkish immigration authority tries switches away from paper.

From the 11th April 2014 ports of entry into Turkey including Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman Airports will still issue the “sticker type visa” but the price will now be 30 USD instead of £10.

The Turkish immigration authorities are encouraging visitors heading for Fethiye, Marmaris, Oludeniz, Bodrum and other popular Turkish holiday resorts to purchase a new electronic visa, known as e-visa, before their visit to Turkey.

So as well as booking their holiday and adding Advance Passenger Information to their flight details holiday makers going to Turkey can also make an application for a visa to the official site

Less Queuing

The new Turkish e-visa was introduced last year and has operated alongside the current sticker system.

The switch over will no doubt save time and resources and improve controls for the Turkish immigration authorities.

Visitors should also find one less queue to tackle and a smoother passage from plane to holiday with only the immigration booth to visit.

They should also find the online approval process, helpful period of stay calculator and clear rules during the application process provides piece of mind.

Self Service

However, the move to “self service” will not necessarily be easy or save time for everyone.

• Visitors will need to be able to use the internet visit and apply for the e-visa using the online system at

• Each travelling person including infants and children will need to apply for an e-visa at least 24 hours prior to travel. Although as an interim measure the immigration authorities will allow purchase of a visa via e-booths located in certain airports and via a stciker booth at some airports – see below.

• Payment can only be made with a valid credit/debit card with “3D Secure System” that is open to international transactions to be able to make payment.

• Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Turkey and have at least 3 months validity from the date you are leaving Turkey.


The above have encouraged a number of online ‘agencies’ that claim they will assist users in receiving Turkish e-Visas in return of a service charge.

The British Embassy issued a warning via their Facebook page for people who are contemplating using such agencies.

“There are numerous web sites which claim to assist users in receiving Turkish e-Visas in return of a service charge. We do not have any connection with them. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any misuse of information or failure of service on their side.

You should apply for your e-Visa at least 24 hours before your departure. However, you are advised to make an application at least one week before your departure.”

Debit Cards Planned

The Turkish Authorities have also acted on customer feedback to introduce the use of debit cards as a payment method.

They are currently negotiating with the Ministry of Finance to get the necessary agreement to add these to the system, hopefully by mid April.

The cost of an e-Visa remains at 20 US Dollars per person though.

Keep Safe

Once an e-Visa has been issued it must be printed out and kept safe to be shown to Immigration officers on arrival in Turkey.

If, however visitors arrive without the paper copy they should have little problem on entry as the information from the approved visa application is sent instantly to the port of entry systems.

It is highly advisable to carry a paper copy of the visa, or that an electronic copy on a smart phone or other device be available to show to the Immigration Officer as proof in case of problems with the computer systems.

No Visa on Arrival – No Worries?

And the authorities have also issued more information for those people who turn up in Turkey without an e-visa up until the 31 December 2014.

If a visitor arrives without having purchased an e-Visa:

At Istanbul airport only there will be 3 options:

• WiFi areas to be introduced in the arrivals areas for customers to apply for e-Visa on their own smart devices such as a phone, tablet or laptop.

• Self service kiosks (similar to the self service check in machines) for customers to use to apply for the e-Visa. 3 machines are being delivered next week with more to follow.

• The old sticker on arrival visa counters will remain but the cost of purchasing on arrival will now be £20 payable in Sterling cash (there will be new stickers displaying the new cost).

At all other airports in Turkey including Dalaman International Airport and Bodrum Milas Airport there will be only the one option:

• The old sticker on arrival visa counters will remain but the cost of purchasing on arrival will now be £20 payable in Sterling cash (there will be new stickers displaying the new cost).

The cost of the visa on arrival has been increased in order to encourage all visitors to purchase the e-Visa online before they travel in preparation for the move to e-Visa only later in the year.

Although other options are in place, all British nationals are advised to obtain an e-Visa prior to arrival in Turkey to avoid any unnecessary delays.

What About Cruise Ship Tourists

Cruise ship passengers with ‘British Citizen’ passports entering the country for a day trip, remaining in the port of embarkation and returning to the ship the same day will continue to be able to enter Turkey without a visa or e-visa.

Longer Stay

The tourist visa only allows a stay of up to 90 days.

If you plan to remain in Turkey for a period of more than 90 days, you should either apply for a longer stay visa before you travel, or get a residence permit from the local authorities in Turkey before your 90 day stay has elapsed.

If you exceed the 90 day limit, you may be fined, deported and banned from re-entering the country.

More details on that 90 day limit can be found here.


  1. Hi
    My friend is travelling from Uk where she lives to Turkey she is Italian and has an Italian I think dual passport does she need to buy a visa?

  2. Hi I was looking for evisa I’m travelling to alanya in Turkey but don’t know what to put in as it don’t just say turkey

  3. Hi, my passport expires in just under 6 months time and I am flying to turkey for a week in mid september. The evisa does not let me get a visa so can i STILL get a visa upon arrival at the dalaman airport, I have a british passport and how much would it cost. Please reply asap. Thanks

    • Hi. You will need to renew your passport. If the e-visa did not let you have a visa then arriving at the airport to buy one is a big risk.

  4. Hello i am travelling to turkey on the 26th October 2015 and staying till the 17th November 2015 my evisa expires on the 12th of November i have only used 45 days on this evisa, i have now purchased a new one starting the 26th october to cover my stay, which is valid till April 2016, they will be over lapping is this ok?

  5. Hello, I am a Indian passport holder residing in Bangkok, Thailand travelling to Helsinki via Istanbul. On return journey I have about 12 hours gap in transit, then when I tried to apply evisa – the 4th check box forces to have a valid visa or residency permit from either Schengen, US, UK and Ireland. Pls advice how to go about it?

    • Thank you for posting your question. Best to ask the Turkish immigration authorities to prevent any potential issues.