The Turkish Government introduced a new electronic e-visa system in April this year. But thanks to credit card fees, currency and charges you will be paying much more than a tenner in the future when you buy your tourist visa.


The Turkish Government introduced a new electronic visa system for obtaining a Turkish tourist visa in April this year. This brings it up to date with other countries such as the USA that operate similar ‘buy before you fly’ systems.

The online system allows travellers to apply and, if they are successful, to pay and print off their visa ready for when they arrive in Turkey avoiding the long queues and scrambling for cash.

The new system also warns travellers in advance if there is likely to be a problem entering the country.

With the old system a payment of £10 cash on arrival in Turkey was all that was needed to obtain your visa.

But now that cost will be substantially more. Why? We explain.

Twenty Bucks

The cost of the Turkish tourist visa online is 20 US Dollars for UK nationals. You cannot pay in any other currency, not even the good old British Pound or the Euro.

At today’s exchange rate 20 USD will cost £13.00 (GBP).

But that’s not all. If you are like millions of credit card holders you will also pay a currency conversion fee as well as foreign use fee just to buy the visa. That could add a further 5% charge or 60 pence on top.

And then there’s what ever charge the e-visa site decides to charge you for using your card to buy your visa.

Add all that up and you could be paying £14 to £15 for your ‘£10 visa’ in future.

That’s a staggering 40% to 50% more. For a family of 4 that really adds a burden to their holiday costs.

But why should we pay fees when in our opinion there was always a cost to collecting money and their new system replaces a much more expensive to run cash based system?

Save Money

Until the system becomes compulsory it would seem to be more cost effective to stick with the ‘rock up and pay a tenner’ system.

In the longer term it will pay to change your credit card to one that does not charge a foreign currency loading fee or other fees for using your card abroad.

More Information

For more information about the Turkish e-visa system and how to apply for a Turkish tourist visa on-line visit the website here.


  1. Well ive just done 2 visa,s for me and partner as we are travelling on april 25th for some reason i have been charged £55 each i am angry at this charge as i have been an avid traveller to turkey ,why have i been charged this scandelous price ( evisa . Com) ???????

  2. I have also been charged 55 pounds for each visa, when I was told it would be $20 each. I have emailed to cancel this & have requested a refund. I used the officail website

  3. I have also been charged 55 pound for each evisa I applied for! I used the official website that my travel agent told me and they also told me it would only cost 12.50 for each one!

    • No, this is not the official charge. I suspect you bought your visa via one of the many sites that look like the official site but are actually acting as an agent and charge you a nice fee on top of the 20USD (£13.50).

  4. I have also been charged £69.00 x 3 for all passengers as I assumed it was the government website, any advise how to cancel and retrieve my money so I can go through the proper website ???

  5. I’ve been charged £89.50 for my Turkish Visa, I thought I was on the official site. is there any way I can get my money back? I couldn’t believe it when I saw my bank statement!!

    This is the site I used “ : Approved”

    I can just about afford the holiday without this extra amount as I’m a pensioner, going on Friday and I’m absolutely disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi, I am just in the process of completing the e visa application online. As the date of this article is 2013, I was just wondering whether it is still possible to obtain a visa on my entrance to Turkey for £10? As I would much rather use this option!

  7. Hi there. I just went to a site called and entered all sorts of details. At no point did it tell me how much anything would cost or ask when I wanted to travel. It did send me an email telling me my payment had gone through however – not telling me how much. I don’t know whether this is a legit site or not but I have just cancelled my card just in case.

  8. I also was charged £130 for two visas I’m going to see if my bank can recoupe this money for me. Absolute discrace

  9. Just back from Turkey not been abroad for 9 years not told about visa though was able to pay at counter sadly cost me £20 but that’s my fault better than the £55 that sadly others are paying ….

    • On receiving our credit card statement my Wife and I found we have been charged £65 each with A total of £130 for what Thomson said should have cost £14 each from them. I am very angry.

  10. I have just had my bank statement and am absolutely disgusted that I ended up paying £69 each for my husband and myself for a visa for our 10 day holiday in October. These rip off web sites should be got rid of !!

    Never again !!