The Turkish Government introduced a new electronic e-visa system in April this year and it is planned that in just a few months it will replace the visa-on-arrival service that issues around 10 million Turkish tourist visas each year at airports, border crossings and ports.

The Turkish Government introduced a new electronic visa system for obtaining a Turkish tourist visa in April this year. This brings it up to date with other countries such as the USA that operate similar ‘buy before you fly systems’.

The online system allows travellers to apply and, if they are successful, to pay and print off their visa ready for when they arrive in Turkey avoiding the long queues and scrambling for cash.

The new system also warns travellers in advance if there is likely to be a problem entering the country.

In its first week of operation the system issued 5,300 e-visas. But the plan is for the system to issue all the 10 million visas that have been handed out by the visa-on-arrival system at ports, airports and border crossings.

The latest news is that the Government plans to make a big switch so that all visas are issued by the new system in 3-4 months time (September / October 2013). UPDATE 2 March 2014 – deadline extended to 31st March 2014

They plan to complement the online system with kiosks in airports, travel agents and airline offices where applications can be made.

Travel agents will also be able apply on behalf of an individual as long as they have all the relevant information. In fact a number of website have also set up offering a service to obtain an e-visa for a fee, of course.

The cost of the Turkish tourist visa online is 20 USD for UK nationals (no alternatives) and payment by credit card will incur a transaction charge.

Add that all up and the ‘£10’ visa will cost you more like £13.00 plus the card fee.

For more information about the Turkish e-visa system and how to apply for a Turkish tourist visa on-line visit the website here.