We now know why Fethiye Museum isn’t issuing Museum Cards, so thought we’d share the information for the benefit of those readers who tried to get a card there and were turned away.


When you get your card at Kayaköy you are also given a handy little booklet listing all the sites that can be visited across the country, in alphabetical order by province. It’s in Turkish but you can easily find the sites.


At the back of the book there is a section entitled ‘Müze Kart Satış Noktarları’ which translates as ‘Museum Card Sales Points’.

For Muğla these are Bodrum Castle, Kayaköy, Caunos and Cnidos.

So Fethiye Museum is not an official sales point for the cards, but they should have directed people to Kayaköy which we don’t believe they did.

Once you have a card you can go to the Museum for free, so we’ll try and find time to do that soon, and talk to them about their ‘unhelpful’ attitude towards foreign residents.

And before any reader emails saying that “the booklet says the card costs 20TL”, be aware the Museum Card cost increased to 30TL from 1st January 2012 and the booklets were printed before that date.