Don’t be put off by unhelpful museum staff saying you can’t have a card because you can………………

Since we recently wrote that the Museum Card was now available for foreigners with residence permits, several readers have emailed to say they tried to get a card at Fethiye Museum, but were turned away and told only Turkish citizens could have cards.

Well one enterprising reader has now got his Museum Card by presenting his residence permit to the Kayaköy ticket office. So if you want to get a card locally you know where to go or who to get the Fethiye Museum staff to call!

The card costs 30TL, is valid for one year from month of issue and gets you into almost 400 historic sites and museums around the country.

In Istanbul, Cappadocia, Konya or any place with lots of museums and historic buildings, it pays for itself easily in one day.

And another bonus of the card is that you find yourself actively seeking out sites to visit as you know entry is covered by the card.


  1. Probably I am one of the very few to post a negative comment, but I really do not like the new lay out at all. Its difficult to find things, not straight forward and not nearly as good as the old layout. Sorry but just a personal comment.


    • Thanks for the feedback.

      We have tried to make the new site as easy to navigate as we can with a site map, search facility linked at the very top of each page and the colourful menu items.

      However, if you you still cannot find what you want drop me a line at fethiyetimes at and I will see if I can help.