A notice on the British Embassy website says the changes to the tourist visa procedures are on hold.

Last week we published a story that the tourist visa rules were changing. In that article we published a notice from the British Embassy in Ankara setting out the changes. The note also said that further investigations were taking place to determine further details of the changes.

Well now according to a notice placed on the official website of the British Embassy those changes have been put on hold.

The notice says:

A visitor’s visa valid for 90 days is issued to British Citizens at the port of entry on payment of £10 (English notes only) . British diplomatic/official passport holders must apply for a visa before travelling to Turkey.

We recently received reports that Turkish immigration procedures for British visitors (and the nationals of 62 other countries) had changed from 14 July. The change meant that British visitors were being issued with visas which were valid for a stay of up to 90 days within a 180 day period. Visitors with this type of visa had to wait until the 181st day before applying for a new visa.

Following these reports, the British Ambassador called on the Turkish Minister of the Interior on 22 July to seek clarification. The Ambassador raised the difficulties that the implementation, without warning, would cause many British people in Turkey, and to the citizens of other countries affected. The Minister said that no change in rules would be taking place.

The Ministry of Interior has now confirmed that the proposed change has been delayed. All ports of entry have been informed and visa procedures will revert to those in place before 14 July. British nationals will once again be able to enter Turkey on 90 day visas.

We are following up with the Ministry of Interior to establish if a new implementation date is proposed and what action, if any, those with 180 day visas need to take. New information will be posted here when we have it.

Staying in Turkey beyond the date of your visa is taken seriously by the Turkish Authorities. If you overstay you will be fined upon departure. Fines vary according to the length of time you overstay. If you overstay and are fined, you must apply for your next visa at a Turkish Embassy or Consulate overseas before you travel. You may also be banned from re-entering Turkey for a period of time as follows:-

Overstay 1-15 days – no ban.

Overstay from 16-90 days – banned for up to three months.

Overstay for more than 90 days i.e. from the 91st day, banned for up to six months.

Disclaimer: Please note that this information was provided by the Ministry of the Interior and the Turkish Security Police Directorate (Foreigners Department). Although we do our best to ensure that the content is correct, we cannot take responsibility for Turkey’s immigration policy or the application of it. If you have further queries, please contact the relevant Turkish Foreigners Police Department in the area where you reside.

British Consular Services Turkey

26 July 2010

The Turkish Ministry of Foriegn Affairs has also confirmed via email to Fethiye Times that there are now no changes to the visa rules.

Fethiye Times will update readers on any further changes as they become known.