Important information if you have brought your UK car to Turkey and need to leave the country to renew your visa.

If you have brought your UK car into Turkey and you need to renew your tourist visa you will need to leave the car at customs at Dalaman airport before you leave. You cannot leave it at Fethiye customs, or Kas if you want to take the Meis trip.

[span class=attention]If you fail to do this you will not be allowed to leave the country and there will be fine if you overstay your visa. An overstay of one month currently incurs a fine of 166 YTL.[/span]

And while your car is impounded at Customs, you’ll be charged a parking fee for the time the car is with them – in the region of 4 Turkish Lira a day.

Something to take into account when you weigh up the cost of a tourist visa versus residence permit.